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BF60x DMC - not in use

Question asked by KevinL Employee on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Mitesh


I'm looking for a comprehensive checklist of things that must be done when the BF60x DMC is NOT used, such as pin handling and required register settings. Is such a list available?


Also, it is noted in BF60x Hardware Reference (Rev 0.5), on page 11-46:

1. Bits 6, 7, 24, and 26 of the DMC_PHY_CTL3 register all need to be set to 1.

2. DMC_DLLCTL register needs to be set to 0x54B. This keeps the default reset values and programs DATACYC to a value of 5.

If the DMC is not in use, are these register settings required? If not, are the reset values of these two registers sufficient?


thank you,

Kevin L.