SigmaStudio 3.10.1 Beta Release

Discussion created by BrettG on Oct 30, 2013
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The new 3.10.1 Beta is now available for download at:

(For details about how to download the installer, follow the instructions here:


Updates SigmaStudio 3.10.1 BETA

·    New ADAU145X processor (press release coming in a few days)

·    Add Standard Dynamics processors for ADAU1701 and AD1940.

·    New Real Time Display and Single Level detector with no MIPS and no Data usage for ADAU144x, and low power DSP.

·    New Stereo and Mono Peak Dynamics Processors with higher range (-90 dB, +24 dB) with and without external detect for ADAU1701 and AD1940.


Bug Fixes SigmaStudio 3.10.1 BETA

·    VCO with reset algorithm for ADAU1701 and AD1940 is fixed.


Updates SigmaStudio 3.10.0 BETA

·    New dynamics interpolator with feed forward graph.

·    New no averaging level detectors with and inverse display and speed control.

·    New parameter read back block with no DATA instructions, for ADAU176x, ADAU1781 and ADAU144x.

·    New linear sweep blocks (2 externally triggered and 2 on/off switch).


Bug Fixes SigmaStudio 3.10.0 BETA

·    SigmaStudio load time has been reduced.

·    Pulse generator approximates user’s duty cycle input.