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no HDMI video signals on the monitor (EVAL–ADV7619-7511P)

Question asked by ggottawa on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by GuenterL



I have purchased EVAL–ADV7619-7511P.


Setup_AVECS2_2-05 is installed on a PC. 

When the USB driver is installed, both ADV7619 & ADV7511 are detected in AVES2 window.


When the PC & monitor are directly connected through HDMI cable, the monitor shows Windows 7 screen as expected.

By the way, there is no display output on the monitor when the PC & monitor are connected through the evaluation board (which is already powered up). For the input, both J4 or J5 are tried, but there is no difference.  


Is it reasonable? I assumed that the evaluation board can pass through the HDMI signals from the input connector (J4 or J5) to the output connector (J6) with its default setting.  Does the evaluation board need to be configured somehow?


The video signals are 1980x1080@60Hz.


Thank you.