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Question asked by Sri@ecil on Oct 30, 2013
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I am using BF533 in my design. I want to send serial data to another device through SPORT0. I configured SPORT TCR1 - Its contents are 0x0E01. and content of TFS_DIV register is 0x000F. Contents of TCR2 is 0x000F. On every transmit interrupt I am writing a 16-bit data onto the SPORT Tx data register. My question here is that how to ensure that this 16-bit data is continuously reaching and getting interpreted correctly at the other device? This device's serial port is connected to BF533's DT_PRI pin. Both BF533 and the external device are drawing the same clock frequency. The SCLK to BF533's SPORT is given from the external device.


Can anyone please help me out with this issue.

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