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Two HSC-ADC-EVALC Boards with AD9255-125 / Visual Analog / Matlab

Question asked by Tycoon on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by msink


I have two HSC-ADC-EVALC boards with AD9255-125 connected via USB to one PC.

The two AD9255-125 evalboards will be clocked from the same source via splitter with 125MHz

and 12dBm level. Every AD9255-125 board has its own input source.

If I configure the "ADCData Capture" block with "HSC-ADC-EVALC (CyUSB-2)" the other

capture board will not accept the configuration "HSC-ADC-EVALC (CyUSB-1)"

Where is my fault? Attached the canvas I'm using in VisualAnalog (Version

Second question: How can I export the sampled data to Matlab without copy/cut/paste

the datas from the block "DataGrid".

I have to analyze the influence of AM-PM conversion and the phase, so additional math

in Matlab is necessary.


Any hint to my problems is appreciated.


Regard Steffen