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SPI master bootloading

Question asked by Fred on Jun 7, 2010
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I use a 21469 on my own plateforme.

I try to use spi bootloader in spi master mode.

I compile my application with the default kernel.

But when I reset the board, the DSP does not look like running.


in VDSP help file, I can read

Master Header Information


The read opcode is fixed as 0xC0 (LSBF format) and is 24-bits long. The 8-bits  that are received following the read opcode should be programmed to 0xA5 (see Figure 20-10). If the 8-bits are not programmed to 0xA5  the master boot transfer is aborted.


I don't really understand where I should find these bytes in the ldr file, but when I reset the board and connect the emulator, I can read the first bytes in program memory: A5 00 00 00.

If I suppress from the file A5000000, then the code is correctly download, but the bootloader is not executed.