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How to generate 48khz LRCLK initially in ADV7611 in free run mode when cable is not connected?

Question asked by Jemish on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Jemish

Hi All,


We are using ADV7611 in our project. On our board we are using audio clocks (MCLK, SCLK, LRCLK) of ADV7611 for audio related stuff.

1. After applying ADV7611 register settings initially we measure the LRCLK which is 75khz (without connecting the cable).

2. When I connect HDMI cable (with same register settings) I am getting 48khz LRCLK perfectly.

3. We want to generate 48khz when HDMI is in free running mode and cable is not connected.


Is it possible to generate 48khz clock initially without connecting HDMI cable. If possible then which register settings are required for  that?