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ADV7513 output works on some monitors but not others

Question asked by vasikri on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by GuenterL


I'm using the ADV7513 to output 720p video over HDMI.


So far all I'm doing is making a test pattern in my FPGA and sending it to the ADV7513. I have it to the point where it shows me the test pattern on some monitors however on other monitors I get misaligned images or no image at all (Monitor reports "No Signal Found"). I know these other monitors also support 720p video (and higher). Some of them are DVI input monitors for which I use a HDMI to DVI cable. I tried swapping the DVI bit (Reg 0xAF[1]) but it didn't help the cause of lining up the image, though it did clear up some fine horizontal line artifacts.


I'm using the following timing:

Horizontal: 1650 pixels/row

Vertical: 750 rows/frame

Active Horizontal pixels: 1280

Active Rows: 720


I am using external syncs. My DE is aligned with active data.


The ADV7513 registers are set to the following values:

0x41 = 0x10

0xD6 = 0xC0

0x98 = 0x03

0x9A = 0xE0

0x9C = 0x30

0x9D = 0x61

0xA2 = 0xA4

0xA3 = 0xA4

0xE0 = 0xD0

0xF9 = 0xD0

0x15 = 0xF0

0x16 = 0x30

0x17 = 0x02

0x18 = 0x46

0xAF = 0x06

0x97 = 0x40

0x01 = 0x00

0x02 = 0x18

0x03 = 0x00

0x0A = 0x00

0x0B = 0x0E

0x0C = 0xC0


What is the prescribed timing for H/V sync transitions within the frame? I wasn't able to find a specific recommendation in the ADV7513 documentaiton but perhaps I just missed it. Please help.