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Compile Kernel to Support Multi-core Application

Question asked by pengpeng on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by pengpeng

Hi Aaronwu,


Currently the ADI script works and I can compile the kernel to support multicore and run the multicore demos.


Now I want to write my own program, which would be similar to mcapi_msg1.c. But I cannot compile. I tried the crosscompile tool chain bfin-(elf/uclinux/linux-uclibc)-gcc, all complainng header files missing, like mcapi.h, mcapi_test.h: No such file or directory.


Also, I attempted to change it directly and use the Makefile under ..../icc-183/example/task. It's complaining 'No rule to make target..blablabla ...../staging/usr/lib/libmcapi_coreb.a', needed by 'mcapi_msg1'.


I was wondering what's the mechanism behind the ADI script? The source files are retrieved from internet during executing the script and the generated executables are integrated into the kernel. Somehow I may prefer to separate the kernel building and testing program so that I can modify the program and ftp to the DSP without spending long time to recompile the kernel (just like the method depicted in


I was wondering how can I achieve this? Moreover, does the multicore application require special care to compile (since one of the two programs is running on the core without OS)?