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Question asked by ishansahu on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by charlyelkhoury

I have brought a ZEDboard kit(having Zynq7020) along with the ADFMCOMMs1 card. i have tested the the board with no OS softwares provided in site.The codes are working fine and  can see the signals using Chipscope  but still  have some queries regarding this software


1. The document for no OS says that a 30 MHz clock is provided to AD9548 which inturn pass this clock to AD9523 with its port OUT1. But i found no clock signal in OUT1 of AD9548. If it is so,then why we have used 30Mhz clock.? Seems like AD9523 working on its own 19.2 mhz oscillator


2. Is there any HDL codes available for the bit file you used in this code.


3. I want to configure the card with the following specs

     DAC sampling rate 64MHz and 100MHz

     ADC sampling rate 4/8/16/64 MHz

     RF Frequency 400-500 MHz( both TX and RX side)