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SPORT DMA data randomly shifted

Question asked by Eric-overline on Oct 27, 2013
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I have a recurrent issue with SPORT DMA on ADSP21369.

Most of the time when I start SPORT DMA, my received data are shifted in memory.

For example I receive 8 audio channels from a CS4244 in DMA mode, and instead of receiving Channel 1 to 8 in this order, I got  them starting by a random channel. I.E.3.4.etc... This problem is the same in all SPORTs, as I use all of them.

Data are transmitted in TDM16 mode, BCLK at 24.576 MHz, FS at 48kHz, starting on the rising edge.

It is said that we should wait for a specific edge on FS to start configuring and staring SPORT and DMA.

Any solution?