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Regarding common mode input range of AD8226.

Question asked by PrateekJain-28889 on Oct 27, 2013
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I am going to use a common inamp AD8226 for Thermocouple and RTD. Inamp is powered using single 5V supply and reference terminal lifted to 2.5V

using low noise reference and bias current path is provided through 10megaOhm resistors at inverting and non-inverting input both pulled down to ground reference and differential gain of 16. In case of RTD the ratiometric resistor biases the input (inverting and non inverting) of inamp and RTD open detection is natural since current sources put the inamp output into saturation.Since Inamp is working on single supply and thermocouple produces negative mV (upto -5mV) then is it possible for AD8226 to sense 4 to 5mV below ground with a Single supply operation.