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Problem with single analog gnd reference of ADuCM360, when internal ADC's used to  measure the voltages of batteries in battery bank?

Question asked by Prasad@5 on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by AudeR


          We are developing a prototype for battery monitoring system(Measure battery voltages ) by using internal ADC of ADuCM360 micro controller to measure the voltage of each battery. To monitor each battery voltage we select the ADuCM360 micro controller internal ADC's.

We connect the first battery (Through Step down the battery voltage to 1.2V(Vref of Micro controller)  to first ADC channel of micro controller in differential mode and second battery to second ADC channel and SOON.........When we connect in this way one battery voltage change  impacts the  other battery voltage channel.I thick this is due to common analog reference .So please give any suggestion to overcome this problem.