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Where Do I Find TigerSHARC Anomaly Details?

Question asked by Joel.K on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by StuartS

For the TigerSHARC, in ts_hdr.asm, there is reference to anomaly 03-00-0213. I can find mention of it in a few spots. Apparently I'm not supposed to read directly from INTCTL. But where do I find the details of this anomaly?


This is one example of an anomaly for which I'd like to know the details. There are others as well that are not documented in ADSp-TS201S Errata_RevQ_0108.pdf. I have found some info in ADSP-TS201-compiler.xml, installed on my machine, but for some of them there are very few details. There must be some document that actually discusses the anomalies in more detail ... ?