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ADV7842/ADV7611 – Bad field length in interlace video format.

Question asked by DamPL Employee on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by GuenterL

Device based on ADV7842 and ADV7611 as HDMI input and ADV7511 as output and same video operations in FPGA between them.

Only embedded synchronization signals.


During usage of Datavideo hdr-45 as HDMI Interlace Video source, output video look like, frames fields were shifted vertically with respect to each other. There is no such problem with another HDMI sources, but end-customers often use and prefers hdr-45.

HDMI analyzer Tektronix WVR 5250, return fields length error in video stream from hdr-45, but Every HDMI receivers correctly display video.   


Question is what ADVs do with video streams which don’t have standard fields length?


Sidenote: there is also observation that, in video stream on ADVs receivers output, was added one black line to active video in first frame field. Probably it makes that the frames fields looks like were replaced with each other.



Thank you very much in advance for support!