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How to connect thermocouple on PCB?

Question asked by isilvki on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by Rob.F

Dear all,


I am not an expert in electronics and I have a basic question. I have a TC amplifier with the CJC inside. I am using a type K thermocouple.

My question is that how to connect this to the amplifier on a PCB? This is a space application so I cannot use the regular connectors. But I found a proper one.


Even if the connector is unique for the thermocouple, the wiring on the PCB are copper right? So in fact, I am introducing 2 new junctions Chromel-Cu and Alumel-Cu before I go in the amplifier chip where there is the CJC and the temperature sensor. In fact I even have an RF filter before the amplifier with capacitors and resistors.


The assumption is that if the wire, the resistor and the capacitor and the amplifier chip with the CJC are at the same temperature, we do no introduce a voltage difference, right?


Please help me