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Some problems about ADV212 Firmware can not be loaded

Question asked by fireliuyu on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by DaveD

Dear Dava:

        I use the 16bit Raw pixel with JData mode and verilog to program.

        Now I find that my firmware can't be loaded.

        I have done some test to confirm my read and write time sequence and the register firstly:

        1). I write to PLL_HI register 0x0008 and PLL_LO register 0x0084, what I read back is 0x0088 and 0x0084.

            Is this right?

        2). I also write numbers to other registers ,when I read back some is right some is wrong. I read some tips you have give, it tells that

            some register might can't be read. So I write STAGE 0x0005 and ADDR 0x0000. Then what I read back from STAGE register is 0x696c ,

            and ADDR is 0x0000. Then I also do some test with STAGE and ADDR as below:

                                          write:    STAGE   ADDR                         read:   STAGE     ADDR

                                                        0005      0001                                      696C        0001

                                                        0005      0002                                      4A75        0002

                                                        0005      0003                                      4A75        0003

                                                        0005      7000                                      FFFF       7000

           Is the STAGE register is readalbe? From the result of ADDR, I think my read and write time sequence maybe right, where may go wrong?

           It  puzzles me a lot.

           The register I configure it at this step as below:

           BUSMOD = 0X0005  MMODE  = 0X0005 PLL_HI = 0x0008 PLL_LOW = 0084

           MCLK =  2MHZ(divided from 30MHZ, someone tells me 30M may too fast)

           VCLK = 82MHZ

          3). When I have written the Firmware to ADV212, I can't read it back, the HDATA bus remain unchange. 1), 2) may be the reasons. Is there

           something else may lead to this?



Eager for your reply