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ADV7611 SPDIF output

Question asked by kaly on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by DaveD

Hi, we're using the ADV7611BSW in a new design. We've got the video working, however we're now having some issue getting the audio going.


What we want is a SPDIF output from the ADV7611. To set this, it looked like all we needed to do was set I2SOUTMODE[1:0] to 0x3 for the SPDIF output on the AP pin. When we do this, we get an muted clicking sound and no audio. I wanted to make sure that the above control setting was all I needed to set for the SPDIF output?


All other settings on the ADV7611 are set almost exactly like in the ADV7611 eval board script for 1080p@60Hz (VIC 16 31 32). Just the HDCP disable is ignored and the input clock is 27MHz instead of 28.6363.


- Kaly