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audio talk thorugh does not work when I move my talk through method from my application to a dll when another library uses interputss for external DMA access

Question asked by kernellink on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by MaheshN

I am using a 3rd party library, which requires you to run an interrupt on the external dma port 1 with interuptss.

interruptss (SIG_EP1, EP1_ISR);


If you try run with any other interrupt the library does not work.

eg. interruptf, interrupt


I am then trying to process the audio coming trough a talk through application.


If I have the normal talk through loop called from my SPORT's ISR INSIDE the application, everything works,

BUT if I run the audio talk through loop from inside another library that I have created, nothing works, not the 3rd party library, not the audio talk through.....


If I disable the 3rd pary ibrary, the talk through method from my library works perfectly.


Is there something special about interruptss that I am missing, that would cause the talk through method from my library to stop working, and also stop the 3rd party library from then working as well.


Or, is it perhaps the way the 3rd party library has been implemented? (Afraid I do not have any information on this)