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AD5933- how to repeatedly switch between internal and external clock

Question asked by Marvin007 on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by musach

I've been trying to get the AD5933 to repeatedly switch between its internal clock and an external clock without powering down the chip.   The goal is to do a sweep with the 1-100kHz range (using the ~16.67MHz internal clock), and then a sweep at a lower frequency using the (slower) external clock signal and so on.

However, the act of switching bit D3 in Control Register 0x81 from internal (0) to external (1) seems to hang the chip.  (For clarity, I know the AD5933 will take longer to return data with the slower clock, per the Datasheets etc.  But the data never appears.)

Can the clock source on AD5933 be swapped "on the fly" and if so, is there a particular order to any StandBy, Reset or other commands that are required to make it work?