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Error when build kernel to support MCAPI

Question asked by pengpeng on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by Aaronwu

Hi Aaronwu,


Thanks for your suggestions, I am able to use svn to retrieve all the packages and build my own kernel uImage (bf609 default). Now I am exploring the multicore communication feature (after make mrproper in linux/linux-kernel and make clean in adi-buildroot-code folder, seperately). Then,


Following exactly according to:, I have reached the stage:


make packages/icc_utils_only


saying that no rule to make it. I checked that folder, there is no makefile. So I was wondering where could it be?


Then I skipped this and followed:

to get a kernel image which supports MCAPI.


Then I got error when:


make libmcapi


under adi-buildroot-code directory. The error message and log files are listed as below:


configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-gtk-doc, --disable-nls, --disable-ipv6

configure: error: in `/home/y/adi-buildroot-code/output/build/libmcapi-668/libmcapi-2.0':

configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables

See `config.log' for more details

make: *** [/home/y/adi-buildroot-code/output/build/libmcapi-668/.stamp_configured] Error 7



Any ideas? Thanks,