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Level Translator ADG 3123

Question asked by Chunya on Oct 21, 2013
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I have found the product ADG3123, which funktionally can be used to translate 3 pairs of PULSE Signals from a microkontroller (with Low-Pegel 0 V, high-Pegel 3.3 V, frequenz from 4kHz to 10 kHz) to 3 pairs of PULSE Signals (with Low-Pegel 0 V, high-Pegel 24 V). These 24 V signals would be used to drive a IGBT 3 Phase inverter, so that it can drive a motor.


Unfortunately, the dimension is too small to braze in a  circuit board by hand. Is there a product, which can be brazed in a normally circuit board and at the same time has the funktion the same as ADG 3123?