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ADAU1461 TDM problem

Question asked by Brettcoupe on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Brettcoupe

Hi. I have a custom prototype PCB with ADAU1461. Running in slave 8ch TDM

However I cannout get an output on the TDM SDO pin. Its always HIGH for bits 32-8 and LOW for 7-0 in the TDM slot.

See attached  DSP.JPG


my MCLK is 12.288mhz So I am using the PLL x4.

My Project even has a Fixed DC signal on one of the TDM slots  to see if the Problem is receiving or sending. and yet still no output.

Project attached.


Also attached is a DUMP of the Config registers unless I am missing something and surely I must be, They look ok to me.


I could really do with some help on this. I have run out of Ideas.