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SigmaStudio GUI error

Question asked by Sojourney on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by KJBob


please check this, see the attach png file.

by this steps operation, will popup this message and in canvas will show red crossover line.


step 1, let the item name in editing status. like change the item name"Limiter 1"

step 2, (in editing status) move the mouse wheel


now, the error message will popup, and need to restart the SigmaStudio, and then can normal operation.




by the way, the GUI canvas,  if can do this in the next version,  using the "Right Mouse click and hold" in the blank of canvas and moving the mouse, to move the Entire signal flow

and now is using the slider to move the signal flow, to have a clear look when the signal flow canvas is big.