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Synthesizer Cal and lock time

Question asked by Cymbele on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by tlili

Ref clk is 40 MHz, TDD,WLAN freq.


Is there a way to cal once upon startup both RX and TX based on TXNRX and disable the calibrations for the remainder of the time we desire before we have to re-cal (thus switching from Rx mode to Tx mode without cal and locking)?


Based on your discussion regarding the frequency hopping system how long is the maximum cal plus lock? Does this mean each time I switch from TX to Rx and vice versa it takes 37 usec (measured) to cal and 60 us (see your discussion on FH) - 100 usec to cal and lock each time I switch states? My message guard band is 20 usec between Rx and Tx.