4 ADC input's for  ADAU1701 and no TDM output

Discussion created by CelsoSC on Jun 2, 2010
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Hi there,


I have build my project now. I'm using an AD1974 4Ch-ADC in stand-alone mode as master and an ADAU1701 to get the 4 channels of Audio to the DSP. And it's working fine.

Now the problem I have is to output a TDM stream in master Mode. I set up MP6 - Out TDM 8 Ch, MP10 - Lrclk_out and MP11 - Bclk-out. On the output of MP11 I get a 12.288Mhz Clock signal and a Lrclk signal on MP10, but no datastream on MP6.

If I set up Bclk Frequency and the outputs MP6,MP7,MP8 and MP9 to get I2S I have audiodata.

What did I miss?


Kind regards, Celso


P.S.: Kind like to thank Analog Devices for the provided samples and the great support