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Unable to find -- app_cpltab.doj and app_startup.doj

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Oct 18, 2013
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I have 70 students building CCES projects; and have a number of weird issues.with the makefile getting out of sync with the project structure. 


I will discuss one specific one here -- Associated with the images below.

1) I don't understand how 7 out of 70 students get the makefile so confused

2) I want again to do something like VDSP "update dependencies" to unconfuse the CCES makefile


The error message is a linker error message of  can't find "app_cpltab.doj" and" app_startup_doj"

These are .doj files associated with source files in "Debug/system/startup_ldf and from the pictures can be clearly seen to exist


Based on past experience the message -- can't find "app_cpltab.doj" and" app_startup_doj" means 'can't find in some specific directory other than the directory where the developer expects these files to be

--  Again  CCES error messages are not specific enough


So I made copies of these two files from Debug/system/startup_ldf and started to work up the directory structure to see what the makefile was looking for -- The makefile is looking for copies of these files in directory Debug (at the top level)

ATTEMPTED work-around

   Place copies of these .doj files in directory Debug -- clean and rebuild

  Error message changes

   The system is now finding "doubly defined things" from the copies of "app_cpltab.doj" and" app_startup_doj" in Debug/system/startup_ldf and in Debug -- as the rebuild caused the "app_cpltab.doj" and" app_startup_doj" to reappear in Debug/system/startup_ldf.

Deleting the extra copies in directory Debug immediately causes "can't find" messages as the makefile searches for "app_cpltab.doj" and" app_startup_doj" in the Debug directory.


I have watched the same students "go through the steps" of building their projects -- and they appear to be following the precise instructions I give them, so we can't repeat this error.


However there are about 7 students out of 70 who have independently had the same problem.

Fortunately their code is small enough that we can change the name of the project and start again and cut-and-paste their code.  However, it does not help the my reputation and that of CCES (when they go out in industry) when I can't offer either an explanation or a recovery path.


Obviously -- the makefile is being corrupted -- what should I specifically be looking for to see why the makefile is looking for specific .dojs in the Debug directory, and how should I uncorrupt things



Mike Smith