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ADV7619: custom resolution - supported bandwidth

Question asked by ggottawa on Oct 18, 2013
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On Page 148 of UG-237 (hardware user guide of ADV7619), it is stated that “ADV7619 can free run only to HDMI video up to 2.25 Gbps”.


What does it mean? Does it mean that high resolution of free run mode such as 3840x1080@60Hz cannot be handled with this chip?


Considering that the bandwidth of 1080p is ~138.5MHz  or ~4.16 Gbps from "(total horizontal pixel) x (total vertical pixel) x refresh rate = (1920 + 160) x (1080 + 31) x 60) = 138.5 MHz & (138.5MHz x 8 bits (color depth) x 10/8 (8b10b encoding) x 3 (RGB) = 4.16 Gbps), 2.25 Gbps corresponds to a very low resolution (a lot less than 1080p).


Is it what the hardware user guide (UG-237) is implying?


Thank you.