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blackfin-buildroot build errors

Question asked by AnnaMaria1990 on Oct 18, 2013
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I am using the buildroot from ADI (, with 2012R2-RC2 toolchain.

I run "make bf609-ezkit_defconfig"

then "make"


After some time, I notice errors shown in err_log1 (attached). (p.s: I used to get more errors like error: expected ‘)’ before ‘__stat_loc’...(as shown in err_log0)., but they are gone after I write "sudo apt-get upgrade" before "make".
I then write "sudo make", and the compilation continues, but eventually reaches errors as shown in err_log2.


Any idea why the first error is bypassed after doing "make" as sudo? I think there are definitions that are not visible to ordinary user..(??)

How to get rid of such compilation errors?