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EVAL-AD5930EB Parts Suppliers

Question asked by ngamell on Oct 16, 2013
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I'm looking to migrate the EVAL-AD5930EB board design to a custom design for an application.  I noticed that Analog did not supply the gerber files for this particular design, but did provide a BOM and schematic set in the EVAL-AD5930EB datasheet. In the BOM (page 10), there are numerous capacitors and resistors that are coded as "FEC ...-...".  When searching for these parts, even in simply Google, I was unable to find the specific vendor/supplier.


Are these supplier numbers internal to Analog?  If not, which supplier do they represent?


I understand that many of these are simply decoupling capacitors and basic 0805/0603 resistors, but if ESR values or dialectric constants are critical for any of these, I'd like to maintain the same parts if possible. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.