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BF518 Boot from SPI different from SPI0

Question asked by ioderentz on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Prashant

Hi to all,

I'm designing a board based on  BF518 and it's IEEE1588 peripheral set. In my application I do need the PPS_OUT signal that is muxed with SPI0_CLK signal. So, it seems I will not be able to use a Serial dataflash as boot and storage device and I must use a Parallel Flash. I've understood that the Rom Boot code use SPI0 controller : is there a way to change this default configuration ? I see at page 1366 of Hardware reference manual that changing the pControlRegister variable of the structure ADI_BOOT_DATA the behaviour of BROM_SPIBOOT could be changed :

"Similarly, when using a different SPI controller than SPI0, write the MMR address of the relevant SPIx_CTL register into the pControlRegister variable". Is there some pre-compiled boot that could be stored in OTP to do this job ? I think that using PPS_OUT is very useful in IEEE1588 application and , on the other side, would be better to use a Serial Dataflash rather a parallel one......

Can anyone give me some suggestions ?