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ADV212 decode mode, output BT656 with EAV/SAV codes?

Question asked by dan on Jun 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2010 by DaveD

When ADV212 is used in decode master mode, with EAV/SAV codes, it appears that Cb,Cr and Y 8bit data values are in full range (00H to FFH). Device receiving this stream (I use this device to connect to the TFT LCD), under some light/color image conditions has major problems with Cb,Cr and Y data values going outside 10H to F0H range (bright area becomes black, blue color of the sky turns purple). Most devices sending CbYCrY stream (OVT CMOS sensors) have an option to limit data values to 10H to F0H, when BT656 mode is used, but ADV212 doesn't !?

I have tried three different "LCD interface" devices with same results. Any chance of decode FW for ADV212 getting this configuration parameter?