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TigerSHARC software exception handler

Question asked by mikem@agilent on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by mikem@agilent

I'm having a problem with an app for a TS-203.  As I make changes to the source code, build it and run it, some versions throw an illegal-line software exception.  I can make a small, apparently harmless change to the code and the problem goes away.  Make another meaningless change and the problem comes back.  It almost appears as if it's related to where some part of the executable is located in memory.


Can anybody point me to an example of a software exception handler for TigerSHARC?  I'd like to be able to find the PC of the instruction which causes the exception.  The Hardware Reference has a brief discussion of exception handlers, but it's sort of confusing.


Thanks a lot for any help.