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45-line vertical shift using 7842 embedded syncs

Question asked by chickenfeet on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by chickenfeet

We have a 7842 sending video to a 7511 and an H.264 encoder. The 7842 is configured to send embedded syncs. When we input progressive video at different resolutions, everything is fine. But when we input NTSC or PAL (HDMI and analog), the 7511 output is good, but the encoder video is shifted down about 45 lines. It looks like the it's the same as the number of vertical blanking lines for NTSC. I am trying to adjust the active video region in the 7842 to compensate, but so far, none of the adjustments move the video.


We have configured the 7842 to send external H/V syncs and it fixes the vertical, but presents different shifts in the video, and based on the ADV7511 Programming Guide (tables 34 and 35), it looks like we would have to program the 7511 to generate syncs and DE differently for every resolution.


I don't think we have a way to change the H.264 encoder to fix the shift. What is the best way to handle this vertical shift of NTSC/PAL video (hopefully in the 7842)?