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EZ Kit Lite ADSP 21369 USB problem

Question asked by Zakrzewka on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by CraigG



I have problem with my EZ Kit LITE board with ADSP 21369. When i try to connect it to the computer with the USB cable it is not recognized by the Windows - i tried XP and 7.

I found in the manual:


Also verify

that the two red reset LEDs (LED10 and LED12) go on for a moment

and then go off, and, finally, LED1 through LED8 are sequentially



When the LEDs were blinking I was able to connect my device (it was some time ago). Now when i plug the power in they just go on and stay that way. Could I upload some wrong code that cause this behavior? Is there any way to "hard reset" the device to get the initial state?

I tried to change something in the SW2 but it didn't help - maybe I did something wrong.



Could you give me a walkthrough in this situation?