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ADV7623: No audio output for some monitors

Question asked by Clarke on Oct 14, 2013
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We are testing audio perfomance by using ADI evaluation board and some monitors.

But we found failures for some monitors.

Please answer to our following questions and advise how to fix it.

Q1) I2S signal in 32 bit Left Justified Format was inputed by using CP2114(Sillicon lab) but we always found TX MAIN 0x42[3] was 64 bit mode.

      We also found 32 bit mode for Standard I2S mode input and 64 bit mode for Left Justified input.

      What factor determines 32 bit or 64 bit mode?

Q2) We got audio output with some monitors by setting  'All 0' for 0x01,0x02,0x03 in Main map and Auto Set for 0x07[7]  and setting N and CTS with refering to the Hardware manual.

     But no audio output and fragmentary output were heard from some monitors.

      What is the root cause for these phenomena?

      Is it correct to set MCLK_RATIO[1:0] in 0x0A of Tx main map as 256*fs when 256*fs clock was inputted from MCLK_IN(68pin)?

      We read the Hardware manual but we are in confusion regarding which between 128*fs and 256*fs should be use for Audio MCLK.

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