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EVAL-ADAU1772 Selfboot problem

Question asked by RMSacoustics on Oct 14, 2013
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I am working with the EVAL-ADAU1772 evaluation board. When programming from Sigma-studio it works fine. All settings are readily taken over and performance is as should be.

Unfortunately when want to start the same program from self-boot then the board does not work.


I followed all the steps:


  1. Connect the board with Selfboot switch S_2 to off to PC by USB-i interface.
  2. Connect EEprom in Sigmastudio
  3. Clear contents of EEPROM
  4. Do:"Link Compile download"
  5. Write latest compilation to EEPROM


I checked the EEPROM memory both after clearing, where it contained only zeros and after writing,where it contained HEX info, as should be.


Then I disconnected the board from the USB, switched S2 to Selfboot_on, then powered the board up with an external 5V source. The LED shines but no signal (only some noise) at the output of board with the same input signal. This I repeated with different settings, Supply from USB_i and resetting by grounding PD.


What do I do wrong as all hardware seems to be OK. What do I need to check.


Thanks for helping me out.