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Error when compile the buildroot with version 2012r2

Question asked by on Oct 13, 2013


     i've got a bf518-ezbrd and i want to use buildroot 2012r2 with it.when i compile the buildroot using "make all" command.

the error information is shown as below:


coreutils/id.c:69:2: 错误:#error "Sorry, you need at least uClibc version 0.9.30 for id applet to build"

coreutils/id.c: 在函数‘get_groups’中:

coreutils/id.c:131: 警告:隐式声明函数‘getgrouplist’

make[2]: *** [coreutils/id.o] 错误 1

make[1]: *** [coreutils] 错误 2

make[1]: *** 正在等待未完成的任务....


but, in my debian the uClibc is already 0.9.30 which is the newest version.

what should i do?