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ADV7511: handling downstream HDCP repeater with DEVICE_COUNT=0

Question asked by MikhailK on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by GuenterL

Hi, according to HDCP spec 1.3 it's legal to send video to downstream repeater (REPEATER bit = 1) with DEVICE_COUNT=0.

From the spec: "If HDCP Transmitter encounters a downstream HDCP Repeater reporting zero DEVICE_COUNT and sends it HDCP Content, it must complete the second phase of authentication successful, computing V over empty KSV list."


1) Will adv7511 generate second "BKSV ready" interrupt for such repeater?


2) How get BSTATUS bytes properly for such repeater? (I need to detect that DEVICE_COUNT is equal to 0 somehow)

From the ADV Programming guide (4.7.3):

"The BSTATUS information is only available when the BKSVs are in the memory space. This is from the time there is a BKSV

ready interrupt with BKSV Count register (0xC7[6:0]) greater than 0 to the time the interrupt flag is cleared."

In case of such repeater we have no keys from the downstream devices, thus I am expecting BKSV Count register holding zero.


3) We have BSTATUS bytes available in "EDID Memory Map" at addresses 0xF9 and 0xFA, and in "Main map" at 0xCA and 0xCB. Which one of them holds the proper values?