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Pop sound

Question asked by guytaar on May 31, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2010 by guytaar
Hi all,
In my project, I use an ADAU1701 with 3 outputs controlled by a MCU. In the path of both output 1 and 2 (DAC0 and DAC1), I've put a Voltage Controlled Delay. I've notices that, when I change the DC Input Entry level, there sometimes occur pops. These pops can be very loud and even occur on another output (also DAC2), so not only the one with the delay in the path. Also when I use sigmaStudio to control the I2C, this happens, so I guess the I2C communication can not be the problem. Any suggestions?
I've attached a scope image. The yellow line is the output of the amplifier connected to DAC2 (no delay in the audio path). The I2C instruction changes the "DC" which controls the delay in the path of DAC0, this is not supposed to have any influence on the audio path of DAC2.
Thanks in advance!
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