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ADV7341 525 line input,RGB output with 300 mV sync

Question asked by DunbarB on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by PaulS


We have RGB outputs working fine with 525 line input YCbCr, pretty much like the table 67 scripts(EAV/SAV timing).  These are 1 Volt RGB signals, with 286 mV sync pulses, as per the normal 525 component/composite standard.  However SMPTE 253 specifies 1V RGB signal with 300 mV sync pulses.


It seems that the only way I can get 300 mV sync pulse on the outputs is to change register 80 bits 1:0 from NTSC to PAL.  But then of course since my input is 525 and has a different number of active pixels, I get some garbage on the edge of the picture.


Is there any other way to get 300 mV sync pulses with 525 line input?