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DPLL setting using AD9548/PCBZ Evaluation Board

Question asked by Kou on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by Kou

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are using AD9548/PCBZ Evaluation Board,and would like to confirm the software of it.

The user can set the four parameters of DPLL.

Loop Bandwidth,Phase Margin,3rd Pole Attenuation Offset,and 3rd Pole Attenuation. below,

Pls refer to the attached file.

Our questions:
Q1:We understand the relation between our setting  and the actual characteristic, as shown in a figure.

     Is this graph is correct?.


Q2. The 3rd_Pole_Attenuation can set  from 3dB to 12dB.

      Is the 3rd_Pole_Attenuation equal to the value of point-A?.


Pls give the advice to us.

Thank you.


Best Regards,