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ADE7816 ANGLE Measurement on EVB

Question asked by fiqih.88 on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by dlath

Dear all,


I have previous question at here using my design (schematic based from ADE7816 EVB). But i have problem with Angle value, the angle value is not stable. And i have not got the correct answer from EngineerZone discuss. Possible my PCB layout is bad, not separating between analog area and digital.


Now, i already bought ADE7816 LFCSV EVAL Z EVB to comparing my previously Angle value with Angle value from EVB. I hope the angle value from EVB is correct and stable. But i dissapointed later, because the angle value from EVB is same as my design, NOT STABLE. I don't know how it can same. Because i believe the EVB is designed by professionals.


I explain my EVB connection below, i hope you can give me a solution for my problem.

1. I am using CT sensor for current (the image is attached)

2. All of jumper connections are same as default

3. I already attached video that recorded when the ADE7816 EVB running (included angle value)


I hope i get the answer as soon.


Thank You.