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Can you remove files from a .dlb

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on May 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2010 by CraigG

Two core project made by VDSP on 561 where coreA is a library


CoreA.dlb has a main.doj that calls

     first( ) in first.doj -- part of the coreA.dlb

     second( )  in second.doj -- part of the coreA.dlb

     third( ) in   third.doj -- part of another.dlb



Build the project and load onto cores

   Can check that the files are loaded by clicking on file and going to mixed mode.

   If file is loaded, then mixed mode opens




Now remove first.cpp from the CoreA

Copy first.cpp as  firstcopy.cpp  (with first( )  ) inside

     and make first a part of another.dlb project


Now rebuild project group -- using Build all command

     The version of first( ) inside firstcopy.cpp in another.dlb is not loaded

     The version of first( ) inside first.cpp in coreA.dlb is still loaded

          even though that file is not part of the library build and longer



     The only was I can seem to fix this problem is to do a clean on coreA project

          Updating the dependencies (to show removal of first.cpp from the library) does not work


I don't feel that this is a desirable behaviour -- is it possible to force removal of a .doj from a .dlb without doing a clean?