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ADV7180 failures

Question asked by HankZ on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by GuenterL

I'm using an ADV7180 (32 pin package) to digitize a black and white NTSC signal. 

On 2 out of 2 test PCBs the digitizer has failed and taken an FPGA and RAM chip with it.  The chip gets incredibly hot.  The spec sheet calls for a thermal pad under the chip but our PCB layout does not have this.  Should this chip be able to operate in an idle configuration (reset floating) without reaching thermal extremes if the thermal pad is missing?

I've mirrored my schematic off the schematic for the EVAL board  (ADV7180-32EBZ) is there any known issues with this schematic? 

Also, is there any recommended configuration settings for a single channel black and white NTSC data stream? 

I have working settings, but I'm not entirely confident they are correct.  We’re still in the design process so if you can recommended a chip that might work better for our purposes please do so.