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AD7992 - Cannot see device on I2C-Bus

Question asked by martin.zens on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by KarenNE

Dear community,


I am facing a problem when trying to use the AD7992. I have a Linux based Board which I am using for development of different sensor systems. The board has been extended by using a PCA9544A Multiplexer (4-Channel) to have 4 I2C-Busses. I am successfully using those busses to read different sensors/ICs e.g. AD7746. A very helpful function to detect I2C-devices in Linux the use of i2cdetect from the the i2ctools package. Every other I2C-device I connect to one of the multiplexer busses is detected right away and simple read/write operations are easily possible. Now I have tried to connect the AD7992 however even with the most basic circuit I cannot detect the device. My"basic circuit" looks like this:


1: CONVST: floating

2, 7: Ground of analog device

3: 5V power supply

4: reference voltage from a voltage source

5: floating

6: floating

8: floating

9: SDA

10: SCL


Any ideas what the problem could be? Your help is very much appreciated!!!


Kind regards,