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BF533 SPI Flash Compatibility

Question asked by robert.moss on Oct 9, 2013
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I have a client using the BF533 that is currently connected to a slave Atmel AT45DB011B Serial Flash.  Currently, I program the Serial Flash through the BF533 via HPUSB JTAG and Visual DSP++ 5.0 Flash Programmer by choosing the appropriate .dxe driver, then selecting our .ldr Serial Flash upgrade file.  Now the Atmel AT45DB011B is obsolete and the AT45DB011D revision is a bit different it seems in addressing.  I guess my question, is does the BF533 really support the AT45DB011D and if so, is there a .dxe driver to load the AT45DB011D serial flash?  Also, is there a better choice for drop in replacement for the original AT45DB011B.


One note.  I believe the AT45DB011B is 264 byte pages, while the AT45DB011D is 256 byte pages.


Robert Moss