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About the internal oscillator circuit of ADV7182

Question asked by TomY on Oct 9, 2013
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I have some questions about the oscillator circuit (XTALP, XTALN) of ADV7182.


Does ADV7182 have the internal feedback resister in the oscillator circuit?
I can not find the feedback resister in "Figure 49. ADV7182 Typical Connection Diagram" of the datasheet.
However, I can find it in the evaluation board schematic "adv7182-7280_32ebz-sch_a.pdf".
Could you please clarify whether the feedback resister is necessary or not?


Is the next stage inverter of the inverter for the internal oscillation the hysteresis input?


Does the internal oscillator circuit of ADV7182 have the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function?


Best regards, TomY