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AD9102 4-wire SPI mode

Question asked by Evaras on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by larrywelchusa

Hello, everybody. I found the AD9102 very useful chip. But I have a question about SPI interface.

In the documentation I found "In 4-wire SPI mode (SDO), this pin outputs the data from the SPI." I assume the AD9102 is slave.

But in the figure "Figure 33. Serial Register Interface Timing, MSB First Read, 4-Wire SPI" it seems that SDO is idle in Read mode.

Can it be true?

And why in the Write mode (figure. 33) there is a data on SDO? Does the AD9102 send the data out in write cycle?

Sorry, maybe I missed some information, but it seems to me it's a mistake or something?

Thank you if you have a time to reply to me.