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adau1445 no audio out?

Question asked by bagitom on May 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by bagitom

Hello All,


I'm trying to use an adau1445 with my pcb designed on my own. I can see the BCLK LRCK MCLK on the scope, these are ok. I can reach the DSP over the USBi, I can toggle a LED as well But I can hear no audio, altough I connected a sine source to SerialOut0 in SigmaDsp. I use a Texas codec. If I feed it from another I2S source, it works well.

The strange thing is, that if I check the signal on another I2S source, I can see the zeros and ones on the scope, but if I try to check the SerialOutput pins on adau1445 I can't see anything but  0.5mV p-p noise.

These are my register settings:

SerialOutput2 enabled @48kHz master, all others are disabled

MCLK to DSP core and to SerialOut  enabled


Do you have any idea what to do, what to check?


Thanks in advance: